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We provide a full service for WEB DEVELOPMENT

Whether it's a static website, e-commerce or full content management system we can build it for you from start to end.



Keeping it innovative and modern, we focus on responsiveness for every design we create. Whether you are on the phone or on the Laptop our designs allow seamless navigation and functionality


web develpment

We know every business has different needs and our team provides a service which is tailored to meet those needs. We work off your ideas and also put in our professional input. Whether its a static website or a content management system we create it all from scratch.


content management

If you want a website where you want to control your own content, Wordpress is the system to use. We can create and configure your site so when we are finished you can take over and amend as neccesary



If you intend to sell a product or offer a subscription service from your site CodeFigure can create an e-commerce system tailored specifically to your needs.


hosting & supporting

CodeFigure can provide you hosting and support services which allows you to relax and gives you a peace of mind. The advantages of hosting with us once we’ve built your new website is that tackle any issues straight away, just call us.

From paper to launch - MOBILE APPLICATION

Whether you want to expand your business or have a new idea, we can take your visions and make them reality. From Design to testing to deployment, we work with you all the way throughout the process until you are satisfied.


Design and User Interface

When it comes to applications, we concentrate on making the design innovative, user friendly and coherant for the end users. Our graphic designers will start from paper all the way to the mobile App. User experience is key for us.



Development always starts with you. Our developers work from your requirements and will provide milestones so you can see the progress of your mobile application. We work across all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows phone, HTML5 and Hybrid.

We create all types of BUSINESS SOFTWARE

We can build any bespoke software programmes you require, from Dashboards and EPOS systems, to a full Customer Relationship Management system. We provide full support and can also hold data on our secure server.



Turning your vision and ideas into the best digital solution to help you make the most of your business. We seek to find out everything about your business and your needs so that we can tailor our recommendations to suit. We can cover everything from technology to implementing the process.



We strive for a user-centric approach, where we make the most efficient use of the technology selected. Our design team work off the back of your ideas to develop perceptive and engaging software experiences for you and your own clients. You have the choice of keeping your existing branding or allowing us to create the perfect new identity for your use.



Every project is carefully managed by a Project Manager. To make sure that we keep on track with the development and cover everything we need to within the agreed timeframe. We phase out each area of the development so we can ensure there is sufficient time to review, take on board or give feedback and adapt the process where necessary.



Quality assurance and accuracy is at the heart of what we do and we know how important it is for your ongoing business use. So we diligently test and examine the software through out and at the end, monitoring functionality and performance.



Understanding your final product is vital for you to have the confidence to use it. We know how important this for effectiveness, so when we roll out the new software system we're here to help. Our team will run through all that you need to know to make sure your application is executed into your business' day to day running swiftly and easily.


Our experienced strategists can grow your Brand to its full potential which in return will increase business and brand recognition

Our objective is to increase traffic in to your business


strategy and plan

This is where it all begins. Without strategy and plan we believe your marketing impact will not reach its full potential. We will take you through every step and draw up your plan and help you implement your strategy.


social media

Of course you can sign up for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and many other social media sites for free. But what is your time worth? We will implement our strategy in your social media profile to increase brand awareness and increase traffic to your business. We can also help you under stand paid boosters to reach even more potential customers within your target audience.


search engine optimisation

There's no point having a great website if you have no visitors. SEO and digital marketing is the tool that allows you to reach the full potential of your website. By increasing your rankings in search engines and your reach in the online world, you can increase the amount of traffic to your website, and consequentially increase sales or enquiries


design and branding

We also offer more services in design, such as business branding and logo design, signage, exhibition stands, stationary design, business cards and lots more. In the commercial world, our wealth of experience allows us to make the correct business decisions with you.



Development always starts with you. Our developers work from your requirements and will provide milestones so you can see the progress of your mobile application. We work across all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows phone, HTML5 and Hybrid.


CodeFigure is based East London near the city. Our team is made up of web designers, developers, analysts, strategists and project managers.

CodeFigure is software design agency delivering expert and cost effective solutions. Our service offerings include web design, web development, e-Marketing, application development, e-Commerce, search engine optimisation (SEO), hosting and a range of other interactive services.

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Since its inception in 2013, We are always eager to create a strong bond of enduring trust and co-operation with those who avail our services. We have succeeded in maintaining reputation and credibility throughout the years of our evolution.


If you have a query or want to get in touch with us for more information or with any questions, feel free to email, call us or use the form below.

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